July 16 - 19, 2018 in Williamsport, PA
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2017 Sponsor Sessions

Cengage Logo

Cengage (9-11 am)

The Impact of Cengage’s Simulations in the Classroom

This Focus group will be used to examine what impact Cengage’s simulations have made within current users’ classrooms. This focus group is only open for Cengage’s adopters that use MindTap and utilize the simulations within their classrooms. Each participant will receive a $50 Amazon gift card for their time and there will be a limited number of participants! If you are interested, check-in at the Cengage booth to see if there is still space open!

CDX Logo

CDX Learning Systems (9-11:30 am)

CDX Fundamentals of Automotive Online Training

Come grab a bite with CDX! CDX’s complete training system is designed to make students work more efficiently on a vehicle. Launching in July, our new online courseware platform, aligned to the new edition of Fundamentals of Automotive Technology, is designed to help instructors run courses and focus on the training students need to succeed in the work place. Come hear how we are making accreditation easier than ever while giving your students access to even more engaging and interactive content. Refreshments provided.

ATech Logo

ATech Training, Inc. (3 separate one hour sessions: 9-10 am, 10-11 am, & 11am-12pm)

ATech Classroom Management

Develop your classroom management skills while using ATech equipment. Let us demonstrate how the Instructor Management Program (IMP) assists you with classroom management. You can send faults to trainers and record the student results.

Consulab Logo

Consulab (9-11:45 am)

Integrating Training Aids to Promote Student Learning

Explore various methods of student-centered learning utilizing educational training aids. These methods will help you maximize the use of your training aids. ConsuLab Educational Specialists will be on hand with a selection of ConsuLab training aids for instructors to try as well as discuss different strategies for the learner to make the “leap” from theory to the training aid, and then from the training aid to an actual vehicle. This open session will be driven by your participation rather than a presentation. In-depth and situation-specific questions are welcome during this time. Please come and enjoy working with others as we all try to make things relevant to our students.

Electude Logo

Electude USA LLC (9 am-12 pm)


This session is intended for Automotive Instructors who are considering using Electude in their classrooms, have recently signed up for a trial of Electude, or who are new users of Electude e-Learning. The class will orient users to the product and the LMS. Get a jump start implementing Electude in your classroom! Computers will be available to work on, but feel free to bring your laptop with you to class.

Electude USA LLC (9 am-12 pm)


This session is intended for Automotive Instructors who have experience using Electude in their classrooms. The class will take users to the next level in their use of Electude; aligning classes to your syllabus, designing your own courses, making full use of the metrics within the LMS product, and sharing best practices with fellow Instructors. Computers will be available to work on, but feel free to bring your laptop with you to class.


Automotive Engine Builders Association (AERA) (9-10 am)

AERA Engine Certification Programs

AERA will give a complete overview of our engine certification programs as well as the engine specification software called PROSIS PRO.


ACDC Hybrid EV Training (9-10:15 am)

Hybrid, Plug-in and Fuel Cells in the classroom and shop

Join ACDC to evaluate what is needed for a successful program that will achieve your goals as they relate to hybrid, plug-in and fuel cells or what ACDC calls EMVs. Craig has worked with schools all over the globe. Feel free to disagree and challenge the recommendations that others have. We will also discuss lab scopes and high voltage drive motor testing in session #2. How much does a high school need in order to grasp a college level class?

ACDC Hybrid EV Training (10:45 am-12 pm)

High Voltage Motor Testing and Scopes

Join ACDC to do a hands-on evaluation of lab scopes and high voltage drive motor testing.


ALLDATA (Two separate one hour sessions: 9-10 am and 10:30-11:30 am)

Jump Start your student’s success with ALLDATA Repair

ALLDATA, the industry’s leading online automotive repair solution has been re-engineered to put even more power at your fingertips.

Leverage the power of ALLDATA in your classroom.

• ALLDATA Repair
• ALLDATA Mobile
✔ More Data – The most up-to-date and complete source of automotive repair info in the industry.
✔ Better Search – One look-up provides both unedited OEM info and tech-verified repairs.
✔Faster Navigation – Fewer clicks and an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.


*144 sessions is our goal. More or less may occur based upon the training facility. An attendee will always have the opportunity to earn 20 hours of Technical Update Training at the NACAT Conference.
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