July 15 - 18, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta
20 Hours      144 Sessions*     12 Blocks     4 Training Days
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46th Conference SAIT

NACAT 2019 Airline Discount

The team for the 2019 NACAT Conference and Expo are pleased to announce the following airline discount with WestJet.

Travelers to the NACAT Conference and Expo will be eligible to receive 5% off Econo* and 10% off EconoFlex and Premium fares for travel within Canada and 2% off Econo*, 5% off EconoFlex and 10% off Premium base fares for guests travelling Trans-border** into and out of Calgary. To take advantage of this offer, you will need the discount code listed. Please visit to make a booking online.

Travel from: July 8 – 29, 2019

  • Coupon code:  3Y9F7GG
  • Promo code:   WCC52 (*Travel Agent use only; *Travel Agents – if booking in GDS please use Promo Code)
*144 sessions is our goal. More or less may occur based upon the training facility. An attendee will always have the opportunity to earn 20 hours of Technical Update Training at the NACAT Conference.
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