July 16 - 19, 2018 in Williamsport, PA
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Keynote Speakers

Timothy AnnessTimothy Anness 
Head of Jeep® FWD Exterior Design, FCA - North America 

Timothy Anness was appointed Head of Jeep® Front Wheel Drive (FWD) Exterior Design in December 2016. In this position, Anness is responsible for all exterior advance packaging design activities for the Jeep brand’s FWD platform.  He reports to Ralph Gilles – Head of Design, FCA Global.

Anness has held a variety of positions of increasing responsibility in the Product Design Office, including his position as Head of Jeep® FWD Exterior Design.

Anness joined the company in 1990 as a designer. His design portfolio includes the 2008 Chrysler and Dodge minivans, Chrysler 300C, Dodge Charger, 1999 Jeep® Grand Cherokee and the Plymouth Prowler and Jeep Jeepster concepts.   

Significant elements of his professional and academic background include: 

  • 2016, Head of Jeep FWD Exterior Design, FCA - North America
  • 2009, Head of Advance Design, FCA - North America
  • 2008, Director – Advance Design, Chrysler LLC
  • 2007, Director – Project D Design
  • 2007, Director – Advance Interior Design Studio
  • 2006, Chief Designer – Advance Interior Design Studio, Chrysler Group, DaimlerChrysler
  • 2005, Chief Designer – Truck Studio
  • 2002, Senior Manager – Production Interior/Exterior Design
  • 2000, Manager – Production Interior Design
  • 1999, Senior Designer – Truck Studio
  • 1995, Senior Designer – Jeep Studio, Chrysler Corporation
  • 1991, Designer – Advance Studio 
  • 1990, Designer – International Studio

Anness never loses sight of the core value to create a compelling, beautiful design. Anness finds design inspiration close to home – his children. He cites their unfiltered creativity as a resource.

Anness supports the FCA US LLC sponsorship of the industrial design program at his alma mater, the University of Cincinnati, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial design in 1990. In recent years, he also has advised seniors at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Anness was born in Cincinnati.

Brian BakerBrian Baker 
International Design Consultant, Historian, Educator

For three decades, Brian has participated in the world automotive design community.

  • Designing concept and production vehicles for General Motor’s Chevrolet and Cadillac brands
  • Teaching the next generation of automotive designers at The College for Creative Studies, Lawrence Technological University, Wayne State University, and Cleveland’s Institute of Art

He teaches the History of Transportation and Design in the 20th century against the backdrop of the World’s Fairs and World Wars. He also teaches high school students the fundamentals of design, including clay modeling, in several communities.

Mr. Baker leads Professional Asian Designers on a 1200 mile journey through America’s automotive heartland every year, introducing them to America’s automotive culture through NASCAR races, Indy Car rides, and the best automotive museums across six states.

He is an officer in the Society of Automotive Historians.

His creative work includes:

  • Product conception, Art Director, and major contributor to the award winning book Driving Style: GM Design's First Century published by MRC Publishing in 2008
  • Contributor to Discovery Channel’s “Future Car
  • Consultant for History Channel’s “Top Gear

He is a regular on the speakers’ circuit, inspiring organizations with the history and future of compelling design. He consults for automakers in Korea, India, Europe, and the Americas.

Mr. Baker is the founder and former Vice President of AutoArcheology, and has worked on the crew of an Indy 500 top-ten competitor in his hometown of Indianapolis.

*144 sessions is our goal. More or less may occur based upon the training facility. An attendee will always have the opportunity to earn 20 hours of Technical Update Training at the NACAT Conference.
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