July 15 - 18, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta
20 Hours      144 Sessions*     12 Blocks     4 Training Days
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46th Conference SAIT

Thursday 18 July Seminar Schedule

Sponsor Sessions:

TimeCodePresenterSeminar TitleRoom
9:15a - 11:45a TH 01 ACDC Testing Students on Hybrid and EV Technology and Safety BA301
9:15a - 11:45a TH 03 Cengage Supporting Your Transportation Program: ASE Education Foundation Accreditation BA304
9:15a - 11:45a TH 04 CDX CDX in Canada and The New CDX Online System for the US BA305
9:15a - 11:45a TH 05 Electude Electude Product Training - BASIC KA303
9:15a - 11:45a TH 06 Electude Electude Product Training - ADVANCED KA309
9:15a - 11:45a TH 07 Mitchell1 Pro Demand in the Classroom to Prepare Students for Real World Work in the Shop BA312

Session #11:

TimeCodePresenterCompanySeminar TitleRoom
1:00p - 2:30p TH 21 Daryl Drummond Ford Canada What's New with Ford BA312
1:00p - 2:30p TH 22 Sergio Fernandez BOSCH Enhance Your Training Content with Photoshop BA305
1:00p - 2:30p TH 23 Geoff Brown SAIT New Ford Scan Tool - 5 Channel Oscilloscope and Software BA115
1:00p - 2:30p TH 24 Keith Santini CDX What's New in AWD and 4WD Systems BA304
1:00p - 2:30p TH 25 Rick Martineau ConsuLab ICE as an Emission Control Device BA103
1:00p - 2:30p TH 26 Steve Gibson K&N Engineering Choosing the Correct Air and Oil Filters BA301

Session #12:

TimeCodePresenterCompanySeminar TitleRoom
3:00p - 4:30p TH 31 Tony Martin Technical Education in Private Industry BA304
3:00p - 4:30p TH 32 Donny Seyfer NASTF Information "You Can't Fix a Car Without It" BA305
3:00p - 4:30p TH 33 Darcy Wedel Electude Adaptive Intelligence - Year 2030 BA312
3:00p - 4:30p TH 34 Curt Ward Pearson Engage Your Students - Revel for Automotive Technology KA303
3:00p - 4:30p TH 35 Jeff Curtis ConsuLab Air Brake Electricity: ABS, ATC, ESP BA103
3:00p - 4:30p TH 36 Geoff Brown  SAIT New Ford Scan Tool and NVH Diagnostics BA115
*144 sessions is our goal. More or less may occur based upon the training facility. An attendee will always have the opportunity to earn 20 hours of Technical Update Training at the NACAT Conference.
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