July 15 - 18, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta
20 Hours      144 Sessions*     12 Blocks     4 Training Days
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46th Conference SAIT

Monday 15 July Seminar Schedule

Session #1:

TimeCodePresenterCompanySeminar TitleRoom
1:30p - 3:00p MO 21 Merle Saunders ATech Training The Shocking State of Electrical Training in the Classroom BA301
1:30p - 3:00p MO 22 Daryl Drummond Ford Canada What is New at Ford BA302
1:30p - 3:00p MO 23 Jim & Brad Halderman Pearson Education Tire and Wheel Update BA304
1:30p - 3:00p MO 24 Thomas Snyder Electude Choosing Learning Materials for Kinesthetic and Visual Learners BA305
1:30p - 3:00p MO 25 Al Santini ConsuLab Using Cause and Effect to Teach the Basics of Computer Control BA103
1:30p - 3:00p MO 26 Wade Anderson & JD Zajicek SAIT Teaching "Performance" When There is not a Text Book BA312

Session #2:

TimeCodePresenterCompanySeminar TitleRoom
3:30p - 5:00p MO 32 Steve Gibson K&N Engineering Choosing the Correct Air and Oil Filters BA302
3:30p - 5:00p MO 33 Alan Nagel Sun Country Academy Understanding and Diagnosis of "Loss of Isolation" DTCs BA304
3:30p - 5:00p MO 34 Jeff Curtis ConsuLab Air Brake Electricity: ABS, ATC, ESP BA103
3:30p - 5:00p MO 35 Micheal Smyth NAFTC Turnkey Alternative Fuel Vehicle Training ProgramĀ  BA305
3:30p - 5:00p MO 36 Mary Clyne Cengage Supporting Your Transportation Program: ASE Education Foundation Accreditation BA312
*144 sessions is our goal. More or less may occur based upon the training facility. An attendee will always have the opportunity to earn 20 hours of Technical Update Training at the NACAT Conference.
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